I S S U E # 13


Our 13th issue emphasizes on how task automation optimizes workflow and reduces rate of errors. We also orient you to the PARA method to organize your digital files and expedite tasks. Also learn about the origin of conflict and the benefits of giving.

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Every Thing Works Better Together

Try 'Task Automation'

Task Automation is a simple yet powerful way to speed up your business, cut errors, save time and reduce costs. Giving it an esoteric name like RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has been an obstacle to its large-scale implementation. Read about how to get on the RPA (Task Automation) journey.

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Organize Your Digital Life with PARA

It may be difficult to believe that your complicated digital files can be sorted and stored into just four categories. By simply organizing your heaps of files and having all the resources in the right place, you can execute your tasks faster. Know more.

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The Origin of Conflict

Conflict is an intrinsic part of human history and is influenced by a multitude of factors. To understand how conflicts can be stopped, it's essential to delve into their origins and analyze strategies for resolution.

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Charity Giving

The Feel-Good Part of Giving

Apart from simply feeling good, evidence suggests that the selfless act of giving or helping others has positive effects on your physical as well as mental health.

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Brain Wave: 35 Binaural Series

This app generates pure waves combined with ambient music that will stimulate your focus, help you relax, meditate or sleep. It also includes multi-stage binaural programs for memory, energy, mood and confidence enhancement and stress or anxiety relief!