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Emiratization is Good for Private Businesses

The penalty for missing the Emiratization target is AED 72000. Is that the only reason to create a more inclusive company? We suggest five reasons why meeting targets is good for private enterprises.

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WhatsApp Business Can Multiply Profits

WhatsApp revenue from services may be the sole reason why Mark Zukerberg paid billions to acquire it. Large and small businesses are reaping the benefits of the features of out-of-box WhatsApp-for-Business (WAB) as well as the customer service and commerce automation possible via integration.

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Biophilia: Fad or Future?

During the pandemic isolation within four walls magnified our feelings of restlessness and taught us the significance of nature. That’s when Biophilia 'humans connect with nature’ gained prominence.

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Standup to Live Longer

Standup to Live Longer

If you calculate the amount of time you sit all day you'll be surprised. This 'glued to a chair' form of physical entrapment is leading you towards a sedentary lifestyle and will deteriorate your health over time.

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Will we Double to 16 Billion in 50 Years?

8 Billion and Growing: Can we stop the population from doubling in the next 50 years? This is a question on top of the mind of intellectuals across the globe and finding answers not just to cope with the current 8 billion inhabitants but to also stem the rate of growth.

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50 Examples of Corporations that Failed to Innovate

A lot of companies that experience innovation success, grab onto it and believe that it’s their secret to everlasting success. This mindset puts any company at risk of failure but refusing to evolve with the market can be even more devastating. Download and Read

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