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In our May issue check out a few things you need to unlearn so that you can learn the new. Also read more about the reasons your activities are tracked online. If you find our content useful and interesting do forward our newsletter to your friends and colleagues.

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Listen The Unlearning Project

The Unlearning Project

The first time I felt the urgent need to ‘unlearn’ was while appearing for the Driving License tests in Dubai. I soon understood that getting a license was not about learning to drive safely in Dubai, but it was about unlearning the habits of Mumbai driving. Read this short article that reminds you of a few things that're worthy of unlearning.

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Internet tracking

Being Followed Online?

Ever felt like advertisements are following you from web pages to your social media feeds? The answer is yes. You are being tracked online and you’re not alone. Read to find out how and why.

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Can you Sense Energies

Can you Sense Energies?

Have you noticed you feel good to be around certain people while you feel drained and want to get away from some? The art of sensing others’ energies is crucial to differentiating between healthy and toxic relationships.

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Parenting Digital Natives

Parenting Digital Natives

How to parent children in the digital age is a question most families have. As children browse for more information online and become more connected on social media platforms, parents need to ensure their child’s digital safety.

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The Emotion Code

A renowned physician Dr. Nelson skillfully lays bare the inner workings of the subconscious mind in this book. According to him, trapped emotions from your past can still be haunting you and inhabiting your success. Manifesting as pain, malfunction or disease, they impact the way you function.

The author lists ways to rid yourself of 'emotional baggage' for you to heal much faster and efficiently and tap the positive energies around.

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