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Our subscriber base is growing thanks to your positive feedback. In this issue check out the simple technique of 'Rubber Ducking' out of a dilemma, and read about two powerful NLP tools explained by our Guest Guru Dhiral Doshi. Do forward to your friends if you find our content worthy of sharing.

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Rubber Duck

Rubber Ducking Out of a Dilemma

Psychology may not be the realm of software developers but here’s a simple super trick that depends on behavioural science that has helped many a programmer and could be the answer to taking complex decisions or resolving a dilemma. Get a rubber duck, yes a toy duck. Place it on your desk and now try to explain your problem as simply as possible. And quite magically the silent non-responsive duck will show you the path.

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My Two Cents on NLP

Dhiral Doshi

Dhiral Doshi

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way of changing thoughts and actions to improve well-being. At a training program I recently attended I learned many new concepts that I believe will help people to have better conversations and enhance interpersonal relationships. Of the many tools I came across, I discuss the two — Paraphrasing and Metaphoring.

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Clutter Filling your Life

More will lead us to happiness is a misconception we have. Filling our houses, our offices and our minds with more than we can manage only adds to our worries. When things get too much it turns to clutter, and robs us of our peace of mind. Here are the 6 kinds of clutter that get in your way.

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Solitude is not Loneliness

Solitude is not loneliness, in simple words being alone is not always lonely. There is a philosophical difference between the two and choosing to be alone certainly has some plus points. So, when was the last time you spent some quality time with yourself?

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The Sheikh CEO

The rise of Dubai is a remarkable story. Its bold projects, ease of doing business and its hub status have turned it into a leading city. But this book is not about Dubai! It's about the Sheikh who built it.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is one of the most admired leaders. This book distils his bold visions and ability to shape plans into realities against all odds. Get an insider’s view of how the Sheikh functions which you can draw inspiration from.

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