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In our June issue, check out why the Middle East has become a powerhouse of opportunity, drawing in talented professionals from across the globe. Also read more on why MFA is essential to safeguard you against data breaches. If you find our content interesting do forward our newsletter to your friends or colleagues.

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Talent flows to the Middle East

Talent flows to the Middle East

In recent years the Middle East has experienced 35% increase in skilled talent migration. Also the Middle East is projected to be home to 3.5 million skilled expatriates by 2025, further enriching the region’s talent landscape. In this article, we explain the reasons why talent finds its way to this region.

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MFA saves you from lazy losses

Leaks and hacks from recent years have made it clear that passwords alone don’t provide enough security to your online accounts. So instead of asking yourself why you should enable MFA, it’s time to ask yourself why you haven’t already done it.

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Control emotional eating

Control emotional eating

Do you feel the urge to eat certain foods when stressed but not necessarily hungry? Strange but true, emotions affect your mood as well as your appetite. Therefore, overcoming emotional eating is important to your health.

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Excellence vs Perfection

Excellence vs Perfection

To be perfect in an imperfect world is often an idealized concept. In our quest to attain ‘perfection’, we end up feeling more miserable and inadequate. Research has shown that while perfectionism breaks us down, aiming for excellence builds us up.

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PODCAST: Simple ways to get unstuck

At some point, we all get stuck. Maybe it’s in a job or career, a relationship or business venture. In this podcast, Adam Alter, an award-winning professor, researcher and author, shares ways we can get unstuck and what we can do to move forward.

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