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In our July issue, know why thinking small in business tech can hurt. Also, discover a few simple tips to manage several tasks and propel your productivity at the workplace. If you find our content interesting do forward our newsletter to your contacts.

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Business Tech

Thinking Small in Business Tech Hurts

SMEs are afraid to invest in technology and they are not to blame. A variety of reasons can be attributed and responsibility for this has to be borne not just by the founder but also the tech companies and the popular press. Perhaps you as a MSME would agree to some of the reasons highlighted in this article.

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How to be Productive

One Person, Many Things: How to be Productive

In a world buzzing with constant notifications, endless tasks and responsibilities, you can easily get robbed of your focus and let your priorities fall by the wayside. Here are a few simple tips that can help you manage several tasks and propel your productivity at the workplace.

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When to Quit

When to Persevere vs When to Quit

A lot of content is built around how to persevere until you achieve. The problem is that not many of us know when it’s time to quit. If something is destined to be unsuccessful it’s best to change direction or pause.

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Success Addiction

Why Success Addiction isn’t Always Good

There's nothing wrong with being highly ambitious and striving to achieve great things in life. However, turning it into an obsession or addiction can have detrimental consequences on your well-being and happiness.

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PODCAST: Simple Ways to Handle Microstress

There are times in life when small things pile up and create big problems that work against your well-being. Small stresses can negatively impact your emotional health, and here are ways to handle them.

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