I S S U E # 16


In this issue discover how companies can leverage the power of drip marketing to reap the full benefit of their customer relationships over their life cycle. Next explore how good content can drive your digital marketing strategy. Also, learn how forest bathing can positively impact your health.

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Drip Marketing

Are you Drip Marketing? Not Yet?

Drip marketing is like drip irrigation. You use less water to grow your crop by irrigating frequently but in small doses. Read to find out how you can exploit this powerful CRM technique...



The Rejuvenating Effect of Shinrin-Yoku

Spending some time in nature is a must to digitally detox from devices and help you unwind for the day. Nature has the power to make us feel good and ward off technostress.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Will Rule

Without good content your brand is invisible to your potential customers and your company is lagging in the digital realm. Over the years content marketing has turned into a mission-critical growth method for most businesses.


Zapier : Automate Anything

Zapier connects your favorite apps and software platforms so you can automate your workflows and accomplish more. Through a series of triggers and actions set up notifications, send emails, share and automate thousands of processes.