I S S U E # 15


In this issue discover how companies with big customer base are eating up traditional businesses. Next learn how to find Meraki in your everyday life. Also, get tips to stick to your New Year Resolutions.

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Emirates Airlines

Will Emirates Airlines Sell House Mortgages?

Brick-and-mortar companies were eaten up by online startups and now companies with large customer base are eating up conventional providers. Read to find out if your business is endangered by poachers.



‘Meraki’ in All That You Do

Wish to live a more intentional and impactful life? Then knitting the philosophy of Meraki into everything you do will truly enrich your life. Meraki means putting yourself - your soul - into whatever you are doing.

New Year Resolutions

Sticking To Your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are often ridiculed, because the excitement to achieve them dwindles with each month. Sticking to your resolutions requires resolute motivation from day one till the end of the year.


HiHello : Digital Business Card

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