I S S U E # 11


We are almost a year old. Our 11th issue unravels the 'X' factor around Elon Musk and gives you tell-tale signs of a failing leader. The Art of Resting is as good as our article on Navigating Post-Success blues. Read and forward if you find our content interesting.

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Twitter to X

What the ‘X’ is Happening?

The saga of Elon Musk and Twitter is still unfolding. By renaming Twitter to X, Musk has hinted at why he paid billions of dollars to acquire it. Read to find out why we think he did so.

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Leadership Style is Failing

Signs your Leadership Style is Failing

Leadership title is not a crown on your head, rather it’s a set of responsibilities that emerge from it. The problem is when leaders develop a know-it-all attitude and consider themselves infallible, they miserably fail. Read to know more.

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The Art of Resting

The Art of Resting

As our lives get busier than ever and various pressures mount on us, we forget the importance of stepping back and resting for a while. Read why incorporating rest in your schedule is essential.

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Navigating Post-Success Blues

Navigating Post-Success Blues

Success is often portrayed as the pinnacle of human endeavor. Yet, beneath its surface lurks an unsettling phenomenon - the Post-Success Blues.

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PODCAST: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today

We work toward goals that would benefit us in future like losing weight or growing income. Yet when faced with tempting foods or shopping, we may lose sight of our goals. Know how you can make better choices today to benefit your future self.

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